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Jennifer is an experienced researcher, writer and speaker who explores the complexities of our North American story through the lives of those who experienced it.

With a commitment to “Discover the humanity in the history,” Jennifer endeavours to deepen our understanding of history’s influence on our present and future. She writes fact-based, historical novels, pieces for various publications, and has a non-fiction book in progress. She also produces and co-hosts an historical podcast, FACETnating History.

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A passionate, experienced entrepreneur and educator with over 20 years experience, I follow the principles of listen, learn, and deliver to ensure services are client-driven. Understanding the evolution of self and business, I create opportunities for clients to shift their perspective, embrace change as a way to new opportunities, and develop innovative strategies to succeed. The diversity and breadth of my experience allows me to facilitate highly interactive and engaging sessions that guide others with common sense strategies that are applicable in their own lives and careers.

Clients Include: Municipalities, Small-Mid-size Business, and Business & Enterprise Centres


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