Jennifer DeBruin

Author | Entrepreneur | Speaker

Over the years, I have been able to translate my experience and passion for education, business and personal excellence practices, historical/genealogical research, and sharing our rich North American history/story through writing and presentations, into a diverse and rewarding life path. Following the philosophy of, “Life is journey, not a destination,” I am always eager to see what challenges, opportunities and surprises, life has in store.

Business & Personal Development: A passionate, experienced entrepreneur and educator with over 20 years experience, I follow the principles of listen, learn, and deliver to ensure services are client-driven. Understanding the evolution of self and business, I create opportunities for clients to shift their perspective, embrace change as a way to new opportunities, and develop innovative strategies to succeed. The diversity and breadth of my experience allows me to facilitate highly interactive and engaging sessions that guide others with common sense strategies that are applicable in their own lives and careers.





Writing, Historical & Genealogical Pursuits: With deep ancestral roots in New France/Quebec, Upper Canada/Eastern Ontario, and Colonial America, I am interested in exploring the human story within this rich history.

By combining my passion and experience in writing, education, history and genealogy, I write fact-based historical fiction that engages the reader in “discovering the humanity in the history.” See Works by Author on this page

In recent years, I’ve also had the opportunity to write historical pieces for several publications including:

  • Our Canada Magazine (“Going Home to ‘Lost Villages,'” (Feb/Mar 2018),
  • Geoscope (“Canada’s First Refugees: The United Empire Loyalist Experience Through War, Displacement, and Settlement,” (Fall 2017) Publication of Quebec Association of Geography Teachers and Global Educators (QAGT)),
  • Cornwall Township Historical Society Newsletter (“New Methods to Discovering Old Stories,” (March 2016); “Home Is Where the Heart Is: Reflections on Loyalist Family Connections to Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry (SD&G) and the Mohawk Valley, NY” (September 2016); “From Quebec to Ontario: Migration and History of the Seymour Family in Cornwall Township, (Sept 2014); and more.

As a professional speaker for over 20 years, I deliver dynamic and engaging historical presentations that aim to connect the audience to the human experience within the history being presented. A speaker at many historical and community events, I invite you to visit the Presentations link for a list of my current offerings (custom topic/format offered). Visit Events/Booking for calendar of upcoming presentations and booking inquiries.

In all of my endeavours, I seek opportunities to learn the stories of people and places through discussion, research and travel.

Current volunteer positions, include:

United Empire Loyalists’ Association of Canada (UELAC):

  • Public Relations Chair
  • Genealogical Processes Chair (GPC)
  • Central East Regional Councillor (Ontario)
  • St. Lawrence Branch – Facebook Administrator and Web Manager

Lost Villages Historical Society (LVHS): Facebook Curator

MEMBER OF: United Empire Loyalists Association of Canada (UELAC), Cornwall Township Historical Society (CTHS), and Lost Villages Historical Society (LVHS)

Works by Author

Currently writing fourth novel. Check back for expected 2018/19 release date.

Daughter of Conflict (2015): Isolated on the frontier of colonial Deerfield, Massachusetts, Sarah yearns to know what lies beyond the distant hills – beyond her strict Puritan life. What does not know is that her family lies dangerously exposed to those with ambitions to rid the land of the English. Lurking amidst the majestic beauty, their enemies, the French and their Native allies, await the opportunity to strike.

Shadows in the Tree (2013): Engulfed in the American Revolution, the United Empire Loyalists are compelled to abandon their homes and flee to the king’s lands in Quebec. Maria Catrina Eamer, alone in safeguarding her children on their exodus, steps from the shadows of her husband’s life and reveals the true price paid for loyalty.

A Walk with Mary (2012): Set in one of Canada’s most historic regions, in a time of stoicism, we find that as Mary’s long repressed spirit begins to re-emerge, Alzheimer’s is washing away her memories, just as the waters washed away her beloved village. Her granddaughter Eliza, realizes that if anyone is to ever truly know who she is, her story needs to be told.

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