Creative Thinking for Business

creativethinkinWe do not often hear the words business and creativity in the same sentence. The fact is, some of the most successful business leaders are also the most creative. They are able to see opportunity in challenge, new and unique ways of using existing or creating new products/services and are visionary with an ability to envision, create and succeed in meeting their goals when others only see obstacles and dead ends.

“In business, people can go only so far by doing things the way they have always been done. In entrepreneurship especially, it is essential to perceive opportunities that others have not, and to pursue them in novel yet appropriate ways at every stage of the game. Such creative solutions will be necessary for managers to help solve socioeconomic challenges of the future – for their own businesses and for the world.”

Teresa Amabile, Harvard Business School

Highlighted Topics:

  • Uses and Benefits of Creativity in Business: Studies, Success Stories
  • How to Develop and Apply Creativity
  • Practical Exercise Guided by Trainer

Length: 2.5 hours (Can be customized)