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Below is my direct Eamer Ancestors. John Frederick Eamer and Mary Catherine Veronica Seymour are my grandparents. However, it should be noted, that I am also descended from Allinder Eamer (d/o Philip Eamer & Mary Ann Cryderman) m. Harmonius Gallinger – this is the connection I used to prove my United Empire Loyalist Ancestry.

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July 14-15, 1984 Eamer Family Reunion. Eamer’s Corners – Cornwall, Ontario

Photo courtesy of Michael Eamer.



United Empire Loyalist Connections

“Following the Constitutional Act of 1791, the colony of Quebec was divided to create Upper Canada (present-day Ontario) and Lower Canada (present-day Québec). Military and civilian settlers submitted petitions to the Governor to obtain Crown land. Sons and daughters of Loyalists were also entitled to free lands.” (Source: Library and Archives Canada,  www.bac-lac.gc.ca)

Philip Eamer, UE

Philip Eamer (LAC Reference – no files here). Date: 1790; Place: Cornwall; Microfilm: C14028; Bundle: N/A; Volume: 12 pg – 89, 92, 95, 99 & 13 pg – 142, 144, 147, 153; Petition: N/A

Upper Canada Land Petition (UCLP) of: Dorothy (Eamer) Cryderman, daughter of Philip Eamer – 14 May 1809 c-2028-00876 (Page 1),  c-2028-00877 (Page 2), c-2028-00878 (Page 3)

Peter Eamer, UE

Peter Eamer (LAC Reference – no files here). Date: 1790; Place: Cornwall; Microfilm: C14028; Bundle: N/A; Volume: 12 pg – 89, 92-93, 95, 99 & 13 pg – 142, 144-145, 147, 153; Petition: N/A

Upper Canada Land Petition (UCLP) of: Catherine (Gallinger) Eamer (AKA: Maria Catrina Gallinger), wife of Peter Eamer (also appears on Gallinger page) – 20 May, 1799 c-1887-00424 (Page 1), c-1887-00425 (Page 2), c-1887-00426 (Page 3)

Upper Canada Land Petition (UCLP) of: Philip Eamer, son of Peter Eamer – 20 Nov 1809 c-1888-00089 (Page 1), c-1888-00090 (Page 2),  c-1888-00091 (Page 3)

Upper Canada Land Petition (UCLP) of: Olive (Eamer) Empey, daughter of Peter Eamer – 28 Jan 1811 c-1888-00141 (Page 1), c-1888-00142 (Page 2), c-1888-00143 (Page 3),  c-1888-00144 (Page 4)

Upper Canada Land Petition (UCLP) of: Mary Eamer, daughter of Peter Eamer – 28 Jan 1811 c-1888-00147 (Page 1), c-1888-00148 (Page 2)

Upper Canada Land Petition (UCLP) of: Peter Eamer, son of Peter Eamer – 26 Apr 1815 c-1888-00299 (Page 1) c-1888-00300 (Page 2)

Other UCLPs with Eamer Connections

Upper Canada Land Petition (UCLP) of: Mary (Cryderman) Eamer, daughter of Harmonas Cryderman, UE (also appears on Cryderman page) – 10 Oct 1809 c-1888-00169 (Page 1), c-1888-00170 (Page 2)

Misc. Eamer Documents

From Germany to New York Colony Germany to NY colony (Courtesy Michael Eamer)

Philip Eamer Biographical Sketch (Courtesy Michael Eamer)

Mention of Philip Emer in Sir William Johnson Papers. Petition of Inhabitants of Albany County, November 1771 SirWmJohnsonPapersVol8(Emer)

Loyalists of the American Revolution (related to Philip Eamer and Michael Gallinger) Philip Eamer claim Michael Galliger  (Courtesy Michael Eamer)

1984 Eamer Family Reunion Eamer Reunion 1984Jul14 (1) – Newspaper Clippings (Courtesy: Michael Eamer)

Settlement at Cornwall June 1784 Settlement at Cornwall June 1784 (Courtesy: Michael Eamer)

Peter Eamer Land Grant Cornwall Twp, Lot 10, Conc. 4 (Courtesy Michael Eamer)

Excerpt from “Hooples of Hooples Creek” relating to Peter Eamer injury War 1812 Lt Peter Eamer_Excert from the Hooples of Hoople Creek (Courtesy Michael Eamer)

Eamer Provisions List


Eamer Provisions List (Spelled Emer)



Commission of Peter Eamer to Captain of First Regiment of Stormont Militia, 1817: Capt Peter Eamer UE (Document Courtesy of descendant Michael Eamer)

Michael Eamer Land (son of Peter Eamer)  Cornwall Twp, Lot 32, Conc 8 (Courtesy Michael Eamer)

Michael Eamer loss of horse (son of Peter Eamer) March 1, 1815 (Courtesy Michael Eamer)

War 1812 Michael Eamer claim for horse (Courtesy Michael Eamer)

War 1812 Cdn Veterans Michael Eamer (son of Peter Eamer) (Courtesy: Michael Eamer)

Daniel Eamer SUE application for land (Courtesy Michael Eamer)

Michael Eamer and Sarah Ann Alguire Biographical Sketch (including Will transcription) Michael Eamer Will _Sara An Alguire (Courtesy Michael Eamer)

Daniel Eamer (LAC Reference – no files here). Date: 1833; Place: Cornwall; Microfilm: C1889; Bundle: E18; Volume: 179A; Petition: 5

John Wesley Alguire and Annabell Eamer Biographical Sketch John Wesley Alguire_Annabell Eamer  (Courtesy Michael Eamer)

Philip Arthur Eamer and Annie Alguire Biographical Sketch Philip Arthur Eamer_Annie Alguire (Courtesy Michael Eamer)

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