Early Simard History


History of Simard Family

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The Simard Family History (Source: http://www.simard.us/History.htm)

“dit” Names

“A “dit name” is an alias given to a family name. Compared to other alias or a.k.a. that are given to one specific person, the dit names will be given to many persons. It seems the usage exists almost only in France, New France and in Scotland where we find clans or septs.

Among some reasons of dit names, we find:

  • Surname used in the army (can also be combined with another reason)
  • Place of origin (Breton, Langlois, Langevin, etc.)
  • Land owned or inhabited by an ancestor (Beauregard is an example)
  • The full name of the ancestor (Gaston Guay -> Gastonguay -> Castonguay)
  • The first name of an ancestor (Vincent, Robert, etc.)
  • Keeping the original name (in local language) during the process of standardizing names to French
  • Miscellaneous”

Source: http://www.francogene.com/quebec/ditnames.php

Vital Records & Related Histories/Documents

(Includes families related through female lines)

Hervieux Family History (Includes: Inuk (First Nation) Grandmother: Marie Anne Uabispuagan)

Follow Thomas Simard/Seymour & Marcella Sigouin for further descendants