Jennifer DeBruin

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Our Canadian story is complex and ever-changing. For some, Canada has been home for generations, for others, their story here is just beginning. As with all compelling stories, there are plot twists and turns, tragedies and triumphs, heroes and heroines – these are the foundation of our Canadian story. Let’s explore our unique and evolving journey together – past and present.

Using her own family story, Jennifer explores how many people and cultures contribute to the Canadian story. From Indigenous peoples to recent immigrants, the often complex interactions weave new perspectives, traditions, and opportunities into the fabric of Canada. This presentation will provide examples meant to inspire others to explore their own family stories, and those of others, to more deeply understand how each contributes to the evolving place we call home.

“How to” tips and resources to continuing your own exploration into the fabric of your family, community and country, will also be discussed.

Subject Matter: Canadian History

Time Period: Ancient North America (Indigenous Peoples) – Modern-era

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