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United Empire Loyalist Connections

“Following the Constitutional Act of 1791, the colony of Quebec was divided to create Upper Canada (present-day Ontario) and Lower Canada (present-day Québec). Military and civilian settlers submitted petitions to the Governor to obtain Crown land. Sons and daughters of Loyalists were also entitled to free lands.” (Source: Library and Archives Canada,

Upper Canada Land Petition (UCLP) of: Michael Gallinger, Son of Christian Gallinger – 13 Jul 1809. c-2029-00665 (Page 1) c-2029-00666 (Page 2) c-2029-00667 (Page 3)

Upper Canada Land Petition (UCLP) of: Catherine (Gallinger) Eamer, Daughter of Michael Gallinger & Wife of Peter Eamer – 20 May 1799.c-1887-00424 (Page 1)  c-1887-00425 (Page 2) c-1887-00426 (Page 3)

***MISC GALLINGER UCLP: Can be found online at Library and Archives Canada, but I have not downloaded them. For links to LAC – PRESS “Back to Loyalist & Related Palatine Families Page” below.

Michael Gallinger Sr. Date: 1790; Place: N/A; Microfilm: C14028; Bundle: N/A; Volume: 12 pg – 87, 93-96, 99 & 13 pg – 116, 142, 146-148, 154; Petition: N/A

Michael Gallinger Jr. Date: 1790; Place: N/A; Microfilm: C14028; Bundle: N/A; Volume: 12 pg – 88-99 & 13 pg – 154; Petition: N/A

Catherine Gallinger. Date: 1797; Place: Cornwall; Microfilm: C2028; Bundle: G4; Volume: 203A; Petition: 47

Eamer/Gallinger, Dorothy. Date: 1800; Place: Cornwall; Microfilm: C2028; Bundle: G5; Volume: 204; Petition: 5

Hormones (sic) Gallinger. Date: 1832; Place: Cornwall; Microfilm: C2034; Bundle: G18; Volume: 211; Petition: 88

Hannah Gallinger. Date: 1833; Place: Cornwall; Microfilm: C2034; Bundle: G8; Volume: 211; Petition: 65

Michael Gallinger, Son of George Gallinger. Date: 1818; Place: Cornwall; Microfilm: C2031; Bundle: G13; Volume: 207; Petition: 60

Christian Gallinger, Son of Henry Gallinger. Date: 1820; Place: Cornwall; Microfilm: C2031; Bundle: G12; Volume: 206A; Petition: 150

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