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Though this portal was started as a way to share my own family research, it is growing to include non-related family lines! I believe historical context, as well as primary documents is important, as such, you may find some of the content helpful in your own search for your family story:

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I am excited to announce that I am the Keynote Speaker at the Great Canadian Genealogy Summit, October 21-23, 2016 in Brampton, ON


Having researched my own family history over many years, the following links provide family members with information I have found. Please feel free to copy documents.

Features: Documents | Family Trees | Links to Further Research | Photos of Travel to Ancestral Homes

If you have documents and information you can share, please do! If you don’t see a document you are looking for here, it does not mean I don’t have it. It will take time to get the documents online. Please make sure contact me for information or documents you are looking for, if I have it, I will share it. For privacy purposes, unless you ask to have your name and any documentation added, only those two generations or more back will be posted on this site.


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Family Archives

Families Names in My Family Tree:

Eamer, Lalonde, Simard/Seymour, Caillier/Cayer, McDonell, Grant, Silmser, Alguire, Cryderman, Gallinger, Sigouin, Brisebois, Martin, Racine, Pare, Perrier, Bouchard, Massey, and more!

Non-Related Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry (SD&G) Family Information/Archive Sharing: Saddlemire

Family Tree DNA

Recently I had genealogical DNA testing done. The results were fascinating, giving new insights into my own personal heritage. Though there are a number of labs now performing these tests, it was suggested by a professional genealogist that I use Family Tree DNA.

 Historical Associations of Interest

These are a few historical association I belong to: