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DoC“Forged in the flames of war.”

Isolated on the frontier of colonial Deerfield, Massachusetts, Sarah yearns to know what lies beyond the distant hills – beyond her strict Puritan life. What she does not know is that her family lies dangerously exposed to those with ambitions to rid the land of the English. Lurking amidst the majestic beauty, their enemies, the French and their Native allies, await the opportunity to strike.

Canadian/American Historical Fiction

 Inspired by true events   — $25.00

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“I have just finished reading Daughter of Conflict and my first thought on closing it was “Wow”. Thank you so much for writing such a powerful and emotion-inspiring book! I have read many accounts of the early history of Canadian settlers, including your own ancestors, but never one told from a very personal perspective such as this. It recounts in a very visceral way the struggles, fear and experience of the conflicts between the French, English and First Nation peoples in their search for acceptance, dominance, understanding and retention of culture and identity. I wasn’t able to put it down and I will need to re-read it to comprehend fully all the details and characters, whose lives you so vividly portray. Sincere congratulations on this book. I can only wish for more!” – Linda Halliday


ShadowsCover“We have been marked as traitors.”

Engulfed in the American Revolution, the United Empire Loyalists are compelled to abandon their homes and flee to the king’s lands in Quebec.  Maria Catrina Eamer, alone in safeguarding her children on their exodus, steps from the shadows of her husband’s life and reveals the true price paid for loyalty.

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“Shadows in the Tree is an inviting and riveting story…DeBruin most skillfully explores the emotional toll on women and their families as they leave behind all they knew and face a dangerous and unknown future…I heartily recommend this book to anyone wanting to examine the human experience of many a Loyalist refugee.” – Review in The Loyalist Gazette, Spring 2015 by Grietje R. McBride, UE, B Sc.

Inspired by true events   — $20.00

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BookJust as the waters washed away Mary’s beloved village, so now Alzheimer’s is washing away her memories.

Set in one of Canada’s most historic regions, in a time of stoicism, we find that as Mary’s long repressed spirit begins to re-emerge, Alzheimer’s is washing away her memories, just as the waters washed away her beloved village. Her granddaughter Eliza, realizes that if anyone is to ever truly know who she is, her story needs to be told.

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“I just finished reading “A Walk With Mary” What a beautiful story…I felt I was right there on every page. I cried when the babies were born and when there was a death. I sort of feel like the invisible aunt that watched over the lives of everyone…wonderful… I absolutely loved it!!!  Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 5 out of 5 hearts ”  – B. Outhouse

Inspired by true events.    — $25.00

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Order confirmation will be sent to you via email, or your preferred method of contact.

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