Seasonal Kick-Off Sessions


Do you have a seasonal workforce that you would like to:

Come together as a team?

Have a dynamic kick-off to your season, event, business?

Start on common ground?

Seasonal kick-off sessions have been a popular start to busy seasons for a variety of organizations (municipalities, not-for-profits, businesses). If you are looking for a real energy boost with a great message – look no further than these sessions.

All sessions are designed as 2 hours (can be customized).

Art of Achieving Success: Professionalism, Power of a Positive Attitude, First Impressions/Lasting Impressions, Communication, Art of Active Listening, Teamwork

Leadership: Leveraging Leadership (characteristics of great leaders), Dealing with Challenge, Attitude, Responsibility, Teamwork, Innovate/Create

Success Through Service –Youth Edition: See the Success Through Service page on our website for details…with a youthful twist!

Length: 2.5 hours (Can be customized)

– Topics can be customized to meet your specific needs –