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Last Will & Testament of Nicholas Silmser. Date: 23 June, 1811 Last Will and Testement Nicholas and Martin Selemser

United Empire Loyalist Connections

“Following the Constitutional Act of 1791, the colony of Quebec was divided to create Upper Canada (present-day Ontario) and Lower Canada (present-day Québec). Military and civilian settlers submitted petitions to the Governor to obtain Crown land. Sons and daughters of Loyalists were also entitled to free lands.” (Source: Library and Archives Canada,

Martin Silmser – States he is “…a Loyal Ranger…”  c-2832-00361 (Page 1) c-2832-00362 (Page 2)

Selimser, Nicholas, Son of Nicholas Silmser. Date:1815; Place: Cornwall; Microfilm: C2811; Bundle: S11; Volume: 456A; Petition: 21 c-2811-00645 (Page 1) c-2811-00646  (Page 2) c-2811-00647  (Page 3)

Selimser, Nicholas, Son of Nicholas Silmser. Date:1816; Place: Cornwall; Microfilm: C2812; Bundle: S11; Volume: 457A; Petition: 200 c-2812-00319 (Page 1) c-2812-00320  (Page 2) c-2812-00321 (Page 3)

Silmester/Crysler, Elizabeth, Daughter of Martin SilmesterDate:1799; Place: York; Microfilm: C1648; Bundle: C4; Volume: 92; Petition: 55 c-1648-00858 (Page 1) c-1648-00859 (Page 2)

Henry Selimser. Date:1816; Place: Cornwall; Microfilm: C2811; Bundle: S11; Volume: 456A; Petition: 20 c-2811-00641 (Page 1) c-2811-00642 (Page 2) c-2811-00643  (Page 3)

Henry Selimser. Date:1818; Place: Cornwall; Microfilm: C2812; Bundle: S11; Volume: 457A; Petition: 177 c-2812-00187 (Page 1) c-2812-00188 (Page 2)

Henry Selimser. Date: 1819; Place: Cornwall; Microfilm: C2812; Bundle: S12; Volume: 459; Petition: 158 c-2812-01202 (Page 1) c-2812-01203 (Page 2) c-2812-01204 (Page 3)

***MISC SILMSER/SELIMSER/SIMSER UCLP: Can be found online at Library and Archives Canada, but I have not downloaded them. For links to LAC – PRESS “Back to Loyalist & Related Palatine Families Page” below.

Martin Selimser. Date:1789; Place: Cornwall; Microfilm: C2832; Bundle: S Misc. 1787-1794; Volume: 494; Petition: 128

John Selimser. Date:1821 Place: Cornwall; Microfilm: C2813; Bundle: S13; Volume: 461; Petition: 26


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