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ThomasMarcellaThis archive has been created to be a place of sharing for our family, and as such, it is encouraged that you post pictures, stories, family genealogies, etc… Please help ensure future generations know our family story!

At present this archive is being held as an internal website within my professional site (no fee to host this way), therefore, users will require the address to access it:, please encourage others to contribute to, and use, the site.

This is an ongoing labour of love…of legacy…check back often as updates will be continual.

Jennifer DeBruin, Site Admin, Genealogy ‘Enthusiast’ (14+ years experience), & Granddaughter of Mary Seymour; Great-Great Granddaughter of Thomas and Marcella (Sigouin) Simard/Seymour


Family Name Spellings Through History:

Cymard – Symard – Simard – Simard dit Lombrette, Seymour

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  • History of Simard Family in France: Geographic Locations,  History of their Times (Religious Wars, Famine, Plague, etc…), Links to Early Documents, and much more!
  • New France: Immigration, Land Settlement, History of Early New France Settlement, Interesting Characters & Connections – our family connection to Samuel de Champlain, Abraham Martin (Plaines of Abraham), our Inuk (one time known as Montagnais) Ancestor – Marie Anne Ubispuagan, and more!
  • Related Families: Up to the time of Thomas Simard/Seymour & Marcella Sigouin marriage – we are connected to some of New France/Québec’s earliest, well-documented families!



  • Children of Thomas & Marcella:
  • Thomas Théophile Simard/Seymour: His Early Life in Québec, Settlement in Ontario, Marriage, Photos & Media (old newspapers)
  • Marcelline (AKA: Marcella) Sigouin: Early Life, Related Families through Sigouin, Brisebois Family Lines, Photos & Media

2014 Family Reunion: Photo Gallery

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