Jennifer DeBruin

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Want to grow and thrive in all market conditions?

A profit-building workshop, Success Through Service provides up-to-date information about the importance of great customer service in business development, creating loyalty and increasing profits.

The interactive environment allows participants to discuss current issues and receive ideas, tips and techniques for dealing with challenges and identifying new opportunities.

Editions Available: Organizational & Business | Municipal | Youth

Highlighted Topics:

  • Introduction: importance of employees in development and strengthening of organizational reputation, productivity, and competitive advantage
  • Customer Service in the ‘Age of the Empowered Consumer’: understanding ‘good service’ from other people’s perspective, adding value through human factors
  • Creating a Sense of Service: power of a positive attitude, importance and benefits of collaboration in the workplace, dealing effectively with challenge
  • Communication Essentials: communication (verbal, vocal, non-verbal – “seeing is believing”), the ART of active listening to identify opportunities and increase satisfaction, creating conversation with ease
  • Keep Them Coming Back: going the extra mile

Length: 3.5 hours (Can be customized)

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