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Many business owners, managers and staff believe much of a businesses’ success is due to the ‘technical’ elements such as: pricing and location. While this is true to an extent, the fact is we must first find out what our customers truly need and want, which can only be gained through our conversing with them. We then need to successfully make the connections between the customer’s needs and wants to our products and services. Without this critical information we are unable to achieve growth and long-term sustainability.

Gain the confidence you need to effectively market your business. You are the face and often the key selling point of your enterprise, make sure you are a real stand out!

“Excellent! Very informative-very personable-wants to see her clients succeed!”  K. Hutt

Highlighted Topics:

  • Business & Self-Confidence: benefits, motivation, power of a positive attitude
  • Communicating with Customers: ways we communicate, creating conversation
  • Low Stress ~~~ High Yield Sales Techniques: learn to effectively identify client needs and solutions

Length: 2.5 hours (Can be customized)

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