Project | Short-Term Freelance Services


The flexibility afforded by contracting an experienced professional who can provide specialized services from planning to execution of special projects, events, promotions, etc…allows for an infusion of innovative ideas, while adhering to best practices and delivery of quality outcomes.

Interest and experience in a variety of sectors, projects, and opportunities, including:

  • Historical Organizations (Museums, Historical Societies, Genealogical Associations, Publications, etc…)
  • Tourism
  • Business Management & Entrepreneurship
  • Education & Training

Sample Projects:

Develop Entrepreneurship Training/Development Manual: Starter Company Program (Ont. Gov’t Funded Programming) for Enterprise Renfrew County (ERC)

Master of Ceremony for Ontario’s Highlands Tourism Organization (OHTO) 4th Annual Tourism Conference & AGM ( Includes leading breakout networking sessions and providing guidance to speakers and participants as required throughout event.

Specialty Genealogy Programming (Beginner – Intermediate): Youth/Family Program (Family Tree Workshop) at Heritage House Museum, Smiths Falls, ON (Spring 2014), Seniors Group (Fall 2014), Family Genealogy Group (Fall 2014), and more.

Special Requests

Freelance Services are highly individualized, as such, special requests are encouraged.