Marketing & Promotion

Portrait of a BusinesswomanBrand You

Explore the critical elements that some of today’s most successful entrepreneurs and business minds understand, that you are your business!


  • Create a solid brand identity that integrates personal, product/service, and business elements for a powerful image and set of business practices
  • Understand and employ customer care techniques, such as relationship building, that create: satisfaction, sense of value, and encourage loyalty
  • Apply creative and innovative marketing techniques that draw customers to the business, making sales a natural by-product of our efforts

Creative Marketing

Man Holding LoudspeakerDesigned to promote creative thinking, discovering new ways to market your business and create a user-friendly plan to sell it in. “Without structure creativity can take aim at your budget.” This workshop is a great starting point to building useable marketing plans for new or existing businesses. Emphasis on creativity and wise use of finances will help you get the most out of your marketing efforts.

Remember: Today, if you aren’t speaking the customer’s language they will find someone who does.

Highlighted Topics:

  • What is Creative Marketing?
  • Engage the Right Customer
  • Employ the Right Marketing Channels
  • Communicate Messages that Customers Feel and Understand
  • Marketing Mistakes to Avoid