Jennifer DeBruin

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~ Available as of September 2023 ~

Ever wonder what your Loyalist ancestors or others of the Loyalist-era experienced, but have limited or no direct evidence of what they went through?

 In this presentation, we’ll explore the Loyalist-era through the experiences of three individuals of various backgrounds whose lives were changed by the American Revolution (1775-83). Using these stories, I’ll share how to piece together evidence to support a plausible experience of an ancestor, or person of interest, using a variety of approaches and resources.

As an author of fact-based, historical fiction, my work is heavily researched using vetted sources spanning aspects such as politics and war strategy to the social norms of communities, families, and individuals of the period – I even research period language and weather! As each part comes together, and the story unfolds, we’re immersed in experiences not of our time. Through new approaches and insights, and a little persistence, what once seemed hidden is revealed.

Subject Matter: Canadian History, American History

Time Period: Mid-1700s – 1800s


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